Homes for Sale in Corydon, Indiana

Homes for Sale in Corydon, Indiana

So, you wanted to buy cheap mobile homes for sale in parks for you and your family. But, as a first-time mobile home buyer, you don’t know where to start looking. Even worse, you don’t know anything about living in a mobile home.

If that description matches your condition, then don’t worry. In this article, we will give you some things to consider before buying mobile homes for sale in parks for a first-time buyer.

Style and Size

As a first-time buyer, it is best to acknowledge yourself with different types and sizes of mobile homes. You can do a quick search and find some articles about mobile homes for sale in Corydon, Indiana, or any place where you stay. In general, mobile homes are usually offered in three main sizes, single wide, double wide, and triple wide.

Single wide mobile homes commonly have the size of 750sf to 1,050sf. While double wide mobile homes are usually 1,067sf to 2,300sf. The biggest one is triple wide mobile homes, which can go for 4,320sf. Your decision of buying mobile homes for sale in Corydon, Indiana should be based on the size and the requirement of your family.


Location is essential to determine the selection of your mobile home. If you’re looking for cheap mobile homes for sale in parks, it is best to choose the one with easy access to vital facilities. Some mobile home parks even include some facilities in their park. Fortunately, you can easily find parks for mobile homes for sale in Corydon, Indiana.

Some parks in Corydon such as Seven Oaks Pointe or Country Aire Homes Inc offered easy access to some essential facilities. So, it is recommended to find some new or used mobile homes for sale in those parks.


Price is the ultimate deciding factor when buying a mobile home. Mobile home prices are dictated by the size and the facility of the house itself. For example, single-wide mobile homes for sale in Corydon, Indiana usually cost around $40,000 in brand-new condition. While a double-wide mobile usually costs about $75,000.

However, mobile home prices usually fall down to a much lower cost when sold as used. So decide which mobile home price and size is suitable for you.

In summary, consider these factors when you decide to buy a mobile home. Decide which mobile home model is suitable for you and your family. In addition to that, you have to also consider the price and the location of the mobile home itself. If you did that, then you’re ready to buy a mobile home.