Mobile Home Parks Near Me Living Cost

Mobile home parks near meAre you ready to move out of your parent’s house? Try to find a good apartment you can rent or even houses for sale morton il you have enough money to buy one. However, if you are short on cash, you don’t have to worry. Find the Mobile home parks near meand your problem with your budget for a living place will be almost solved entirely. What are mobile home parks? Let’s talk about that.

What is Mobile Home Park?

A mobile home park is an area or lot for mobile or manufactured home. The mobile home could be placed as a permanent or temporary home. The permanent home here means that the manufacturer of that mobile home will make and put it in the trailer park homes for rent or sell. Then, people will buy or rent it until they move out from that area because of the ending of the contract or other factors.

As for the temporary home, the manufacturer of a mobile home will place their product there at a certain period according to the agreement of the clients. Once the end of the contract comes, they will remove it and the lot is available for other mobile homes for sale in riverside ca. Then, other people can buy or rent it for their living place.

Most of the mobile home parks in fort myers florida and other areas are managed by a private company. Only a few of them are government property. Therefore, many people also can join to invest in the mobile home park and get benefits or profit from it. However, you don’t have to do that. You only need to find the Mobile home parks near me and use them as a living place.

The Cost of Living in Mobile Home Park

Whenever you search for cheap houses for rent with utilities included near me, most of the time you will get the mobile home park as the result. So, how much money you should spend to live in this area? Here we have the information about that for you. We believe it will help you to decide whether you should choose this place as the living place after you move out from your parent’s house or not.

mobile home parks near me pet friendlyThe general cost of living in a mobile home park is roughly around $200 to $800 per month. That is only for you who rent a mobile home. However, if you buy it, you may have to spend more than that amount. You also should keep in your mind that the cost could increase depending on the location of the mobile home park.

Similar to the real estate area, a good location that is close to various public facilities will cost you more than the location in the middle of nowhere. But, we can say for sure. Living in a mobile home park is much cheaper than renting an apartment in the downtown area, buying a permanent house, or the price of a duplex for sale fort myers. So, a mobile home park is your best choice for saving your budget.

Now, let’s break down several factors that will affect the cost you have to pay and spend every month during your time in a mobile home park. Here are some of those factors you should consider before deciding to move.

Mobile Home Cost

The cost of buying a new mobile home at the mobile home park is varying. The cheapest price is around $10,000, where you will get small types of jones mobile homes. It is enough for living alone. So, if you plan to experience living away from your parent’s house, you can try this one. Or, if you don’t have that amount of money, try to rent it. The monthly rental fees are around $400.

Lot Rental Fees

Next, you also should consider the rental fees for the lot where they park the mobile home. The fee is similar to rv rental fort myers. The rental for the lot can be around $150 to $800 per month. It depends on the location of the mobile home park.

You may think that is quite expensive for living alone. However, if you compare it with the rental fee of an apartment in the cities, you know that the rental fee for Mobile home parks near me is much cheaper. You need to pay at least $2,000 a month for the apartment rental fee. As you can see that number is doubled the number of the lot rental fees a month.

Utility Cost

The utility cost covers everything that you use during your stay in the mobile home park, such as the water, electricity, sewage, and trash pickup service. Mostly, the company that provides the mobile homes for sale near me also includes the utilities cost in their rental fees.

However, if you plan to buy a mobile home at the mobile home park, you may have to pay the different costs for utilities you use. And, for this place, the cost for that is starting from $80 to $100 a month. That fee includes all utilities that we mentioned above.

Additional Fees

The other fees you should consider are the moving fee. For example, if you move the mobile home you buy or rent from clearwater to fort myers, you need to pay an additional fee for that. These fees are also including the amenities fees.

Some of the mobile home parks also have various facilities and amenities that the people who live in that area can use. The management of the park will use this money for maintaining those facilities. The benefits are you can use them for free. That is your right as the resident of the mobile home park.


Moving to Mobile home parks near me could be one of the biggest decisions you ever made in your life. Therefore, understanding the living cost there could be essential to ensure that you can enjoy your time and live a comfortable life there.