What Are Move-In Special Apartments?

If you’re trying to save money while also moving into a new place, move-in special apartments may be the solution you need. Yes, some apartments charge only $99 to occupy them! Here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is a Move In Special?

When looking for a place to stay, whether houses, apartments, or mobile homes for rent, ideally you should spend the least amount possible for the best quality of housing available. While there is so much competition in finding affordable but excellent residences, there is a solution you should try.

move in special apartmentsAs their name suggests, move-in specials offer cheap deals for moving into an apartment. It may seem too good to be true – but they’re more common than you thought. Yes, there are $99 move-in special apartments that only charge you $99 to live there. It’s perfect if you want to save up money.

When Can I Find Move In Specials?

Apartments may offer move-in incentives at any time of year. However, as mentioned before, move-in specials are more common during periods of decreased demand. A simple google search of “move-in special apartments near me” can take you to special deals around you. Generally, during summer there is higher demand, and vice versa for winter.

Move-in special apartments vary depending on location, apartment buildings, and market conditions. The recent coronavirus pandemic and economic slump have reduced demand for apartments, especially in high-end areas. This is where landlords use move-in incentives to attract tenants and fill vacancies.

How Do Move In Special Apartments Work?

Anyone who can get their application authorized can take advantage of the move-in special incentive. If you want to find out if you’ll be accepted, you need to speak with a leasing professional and complete an application. Generally, you need to sign a lease first if you want the offer.

Always ask the leasing office first about the details of the 99 dollar move-in special apartments. It’s recommended to inquire about the fees you have to pay aside from the money for the special when you’re speaking with them. If they say it’s only $99, double-check that it covers your application fee, first month’s rent, and security deposit.

Last but not least, make sure that you’ve read the paperwork and know what you’re signing up for. Not all landlords are honest. Therefore, be wise in finding move in special apartments because some deals are just gimmicks.