Utilities Included in Rent Homes : Mobile Home

utilities included in rent homesWhen renting a house, a person might ask various questions. Those questions might include whether utilities included in rent homes. A different question might appear during mobile homes rental as well. So, in this article, we will explain anything that you need to know about utilities in rental homes, particularly mobile homes.

What Is Utility Expense?

Utility expenses basically meant the cost of using the facilities of a house. This facility might include electricity, water, gas, and garbage disposal. When renting a house, the owner might include all or some utilities in the rental fees. However, it highly depends on the situation of the owner.

Whether utilities included in rent homes is usually determined by the lease situation. This can be divided into two, gross lease and net lease. Gross lease means that taxes, maintenance, and insurance are handled by the landlord. On the other hand, a net lease means that all of those expenses are paid by the tenants.

Renting Mobile Homes

Things are a bit different in the case of utilities in rent mobile homes. This is because you’re renting a personal property that is different from a real property like a permanent house. Therefore, the landlord, in this case, the park owner will most likely charge you with additional fees other than rent.

Things that you have to pay might include parking fees, security deposits, and other utilities. All of which have to be presented in written form during your rent agreement signing. So, your fee might also include rent and other utilities included in rent homes.

Owning Mobile Homes

When you own a mobile home in a park, you have to pay for rent and utilities separately. Mobile home park owners are usually responsible for land property tax and mobile home insurance. However, if the park owner gives you a contract that specifies it, your lot rent fees might also include utilities. So, unless your mobile home is located on your own property, you still need to pay for utilities included in rent homes.

Mobile home utilities cost varies between parks. Unfortunately, the electricity bill could be the most expensive among other expenses. This is due to the higher electricity consumption of mobile homes compared to traditional homes.

In summary, whether utilities are included in rent homes is usually determined by the lease situation. However, things are slightly different for mobile homes in which you are renting personal property. When renting a mobile home, utility expenses are usually paid separately as additional fees. For mobile homeowners, you also have to pay utility costs and lot rent fees separately.