Tips for Haunted Houses in CT

Haunted Houses in CTLooking for haunted houses in CT? Whether you’re looking for real haunted houses or family-friendly attractions, you won’t fall short of the place to go for all the thrills and chills this Halloween season! Here’s how to prepare to be scared.

Halloween Season in CT

Connecticut is not just a place where you can find mobile homes for sale. With Halloween just around the corner, this state has a variety of bone-chilling attractions to satisfy even the most daring thrill-seekers. From haunted houses and spooky trails to corn mazes and Halloween parades, you’ll find everything you want to creep you out!.

What to Prepare

Planning a visit for Halloween best haunted houses in CT? You’re in for a treat! But before you go, here are our tricks and tips for you to get the most out of this year’s Halloween festivities.

Visit Early

While googling for “near me fun haunted houses in CT”, keep in mind that the closer Halloween approaches, the busier they will be. We recommend that you check out spooky attractions from early October instead. If you must go on October 31, book your tickets early!

Get Your Tickets in Advance

You must get your tickets in advance and arrive early at the haunted houses in CT. It’s especially vital to do so if you’re going to a haunt with a large company, if you’re bringing your kids, and if the haunt you’re going to is outdoors. Halloween attractions are booked and busy, particularly nearing October 31!

Dress Right

Outdoor haunts are fun, but check the weather forecast first and make sure you’re properly dressed for the weather. Regardless of whether the Halloween haunted houses in CT you want to visit are outdoor or indoor, wear comfortable shoes for running. You never know what kind of horrors you might escape from!

Turn Off Your Electronic Devices

Whether you’re going into zombie hunts, spooky trails, or real haunted houses in CT, it’s best to turn off your electronic devices beforehand. Many places forbid flash photography, flashlights, and other devices. There’s still plenty of time for selfies after the ride anyway.

Be Respectful

Respect the Haunt’s organizers by not touching any of the decorations, ghosts, or ghouls, or any of the property there – unless specifically instructed to do so as a part of the attraction. After all, people have worked hard to prepare these haunted houses in CT!