Should I Choose Weekly Motel Rentals Near Me

weekly motel rentals near meShould I search for weekly motel rentals near me when I need a temporary stay? When you have to stay in a temporary residence for an extended period, a motel can often be an affordable choice. The answer to the question above could be a yes. If budget concerns you a lot, choosing a weekly motel rental is a wise decision. Let me tell you why.

Exploring Various Options

When you need a temporary residence due to certain reasons, such as losing your home and getting familiar with a new town, there are several affordable options available. Firstly, you can rent a mobile home or buy one using mobile home loans. When you rent a mobile home, you need to pay for the rental and the lot. The total rental cost may reach somewhere near $2,000 per month.

Another potential option is to rent an apartment, but the rental cost can be as high as $5,000 per month depending on in what part of the city you live. You can also try a hotel room which costs approximately $200 per night. So, should I find cheap weekly motel rentals near me?

Living in a motel can be the most cost-effective solution because it is the cheapest. A residential motel generally costs you between $500 and $700 a week. It is comparable with a hotel room in that you have all the necessities to enjoy a comfortable stay; however, a motel doesn’t always offer full hotel service.

Pros and Cons of Staying in a Motel

Staying in a motel is generally the cheapest option if you need a temporary residence. The benefit of choosing a motel is thus financially obvious. Although it doesn’t necessarily offer full hotel service, you can stay in it even if you carry only a backpack. Besides, some hotels provide their guests with free breakfast. Choosing a motel can be your best choice if you know how to find a nice motel.

On the negative side, because a motel has long been associated with cheap temporary living, it is not always located at the best spots in the city. You might even find a motel that is located at a place with a high level of criminal activities and drug abuse.

Should I choose one of the weekly motel rentals near me? If you decide to rent a motel, be sure to check the environment and everything else instead of only the rental cost.