Mortgage Rates in 2021

Real estate appreciation will reach its fastest pace since the Great Recession as the inventory crisis continues to pit buyers against each other, competing for a scarce number of properties for sale. We assume that the appreciation of house prices in points will exceed 10% in 2021. Price gains are driven by the fundamentals of supply and demand: fear and uncertainty affect many potential sellers, accumulated new home construction has been low over the past decade, and limited supply is met by an increase in demand due to aging millennials and a wave of other buyers re-evaluating their housing needs. The pandemic may have sped that move for some buyers, but that doesn’t mean a vaccine would reverse the trend.

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expects a perfect storm in market conditions to create the hottest spring shopping season in recent times, with sales swift and often above list price. It is likely that the spread of COVID-19 vaccines in the US will be in full swing by spring, and the local economy and schools should just reopen. Many will also have more confidence that their jobs will be done remotely in the long term, bringing in buyers who have been waiting for it to be done. Add to this expectations that mortgage rates will rise later in the year and we could see buyers frenzy as they try to keep interest rates as low as possible.