Homes For Sale In Garden Valley, Idaho

homes for sale in Garden Valley, Idaho

If you planned to buy cheap homes for sale in Garden Valley, Idaho, we would recommend a mobile home. Mobile homes are desired by so many people there due to their affordability and flexibility. While it might sound tempting, there are some disadvantages you might not know.

This article is not aimed to dissuade you from buying mobile homes for sale in Garden Valley, Idaho. We are simply giving some facts that will make you reconsider this option. All decisions are up to you.

Quickly Loss its Value

One of the main disadvantages of buying or selling mobile homes for sale in Garden Valley, Idaho is the ridiculous price drop. For the buyer, this might be considered as an advantage, but not so for the seller. A single-wide mobile home could go to around $50,000, but you couldn’t resell one for a similar price.

Unlike traditional houses, mobile homes usually aren’t sold together with the land. Therefore, mobile homes are considered personal rather than real property. So if you’re looking for mobile homes for sale in parks, you might be able to find one for cheap. But, selling it for a profit will be a difficult task.

Prone to Damages

The flexibility of a mobile home comes with a price, especially for Used mobile homes for sale in Garden Valley, Idaho. Since mobile homes are not permanently attached to the ground, they are more prone to damages caused by natural disasters like tornadoes and storms.

Lack of structural support is also a likely cause of this disadvantage. Since tornadoes are fairly common in Ohio, you might want to reconsider buying mobile homes for sale in Garden Valley, Ohio.

Dealing with Landlords

If you buy mobile homes for sale in Garden Valley, Ohio, you will most likely buy them in a park. Don’t get it wrong, living in a park could be fun and peaceful. However, if you don’t like living in a mobile home park, this could be a big disadvantage.

You have to obey the landlord’s rules and regulations unless you want to get evicted. Living in a mobile home park means that you have to pay rent and other fees to the landlord. So, if you want to purchase cheap mobile homes for sale in Garden Valley, Idaho, consider buying your own land.

In conclusion, despite all of the advantages, mobile homes also have some disadvantages. Other than difficult to get a profitable sale, mobile homes are also more prone to natural disasters. Plus, living in a park could also be a disadvantage if you don’t like to live there.

So, reconsider your decision before you buy cheap mobile homes for sale in Garden Valley, Idaho.