Abandoned Mansions for Free in Europe and America

There are plenty of abandoned mansions for free all over the world. Back then, some of those mansions were still in good shape and glorious. However, due to the neglect, some of the mansions are deteriorated and nobody wants it. These abandoned mansions nestled in Europe and America. If you are interested in this kind of abandoned buildings, then you should find them in the wilderness. We all know that most of the mansions are in remote areas. Thus, it will be an adventurous journey to take.

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European Abandoned Mansions

In Europe, some countries have so many abandoned mansions or castles. Italy is one of the countries where you can find those mansions. You can go to Sardinia as the castles in town are available at low prices or cheap rent. It is also possible to get it for free. It is a good opportunity to grab if you are searching for abandoned mansions for free. There are also some abandoned mansions in France, Spain, Germany, and Belgium that you can have a look at. After World War II, many mansions were left behind and nobody wanted them.

Abandoned Mansions in the US

Besides Europe, the US also has some abandoned mansions that are still empty. You can find those mansions in some of the states. In Philadelphia for example, there is a mansion with 110 rooms from the late 1890s. It has been empty for decades that nobody wants to live there. If you go to Tennessee, you will see the Swingers Tiki Palace. This mansion was built in 1972 known as the Playboy  Mansion. The owner at that time, Billy Hull, claimed that this mansion is the ultimate party palace. So, back then, it was a luxurious mansion where people like to have fun.

If you are looking for those kinds of abandoned mansions, you should go to the places and find the information about the ownership. Even though it is being neglected, some mansions are legally owned by some people. Thus, you need to ensure that the mansion is free and legal for foreclosures. That is the most important thing you need to know before going any further to get the mansion. You will be happy in the end to get what you want without violating any laws. Finding the abandoned mansions for free is not easy for sure, but it is still possible to find one.